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bodyART is a functional training class designed to complement your dance and flexibility training. Following the 5 elements of Chinese philosophy, you will progress through the energy phase of Arrival, Expansion, Circulation, Descending and Relaxation. 
bodyART is a fully integrated mind-body experience incorporating elements of dance and yoga. 
You will leave bodyART class feeling energised and connected to your mind and body. 

bodyART is a sweaty one...remember to bring a towel and water!

Do you have body aches & pains? Are you looking for simple ways to self-care for your body? 
Adding MELT to your life will help improve your efficiency and performance in your training routine, while enhancing daily life by improving digestion, sleep habits and reducing inflammation, accumulated stress and chronic pain symptoms.

MELT introduces the hand, foot and roller treatments allowing you to experience how easy it is to create change in your body regarding misalignment, chronic pain and the negative effects of repetitive movement! 

Watch the videos below to find out more!
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