Studio Pole is proud to announce their amateur and semi-professional pole dancing competition HARDCORE, running for the seventh consecutive year after great success in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and again in 2019! 

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Download the 2020 application PDF below:
Applications Open: Feb 1st, 2020
Application Close: March 8th (midnight), 2020
Please follow all instructions on the above PDF form and send through to:

Hardcore Past Winners

2018 Results

Amateur Division:

Champion - Bethany Tyler

First Runner Up - Katie

Second Runner Up - Miss K-Trix

Semi Professional Division:
Champion - Cat Fish
First Runner Up - Danielle Leach
Second Runner Up - Kristy Lee

Sponsors Choice - Jo

Best Musical Interpretation - Miss Satin

Best Trickster - Sky Dancer

Best Performance - Emma Elise

2018 Results

Amateur Division:

Champion - Kristy Lee

First Runner Up - Sky Dancer

Second Runner Up - Mel. C

Semi Professional Division:
Champion - Nicole
First Runner Up - Beatrix Sydelle
Second Runner Up - Lauren Pei Lee

Sponsors Choice - Tegan

Best Musical Interpretation - Sylvia 

Best Trickster - Frances Amber

Best Performance - Alberta

Hornsby RSL People’s Choice - Katie

2017 Results

Amateur Division 
Champion - Samantha - Pole Princess 
First Runner Up - Kristy Lee - Pole Divas 
Second Runner Up - Mel C - Pole Divas 

Semi Pro Division
Champion - Tiffany Grace - Studio Pole 
First Runner Up - Hannah W - Booty Worx
Second Runner Up - Lauren Pei Lee - Pole divas 

Best trickster - Nomes - Pole fitness Australia 
Best musicality - Katie - Studio Pole 
Audience Choice - Ezra Banks - Show Pony 
Sponsors Choice - Layla - Studio Pole

2016 Results

Amateur Division 
Champion - Tiffany Grace
First Runner Up - Hannah Watson
Second Runner Up - Peita

Semi Pro Division
Champion - Cynthia Xu
First Runner Up - Kym C
Second Runner Up - Anastasia Ivleva

Best trickster - Cat Fish
Best musicality - Mel C
Audience Choice - Katie
Sponsors Choice - Deanne Heath

2015 Results
Champion - Jade Marie
First Runner Up - Le Chatelier
Second Runner Up - Flame
Best Music Interpretation- Eliza 
Best Trickster - Layla 
Sponsors choice - Daphne
2014 Results
Champion - Jen Squire - Kylie J Pole Studio
First Runner Up - Jade - Pole Plus
Second Runner Up - Kym Chia - Studio Pole
Crowd Favorite - Ali - Studio Pole
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