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Beginners -

We all have to start somewhere! Beginners is designed for people who have never touched a pole before so there are no prerequisites. You will learn simple strength moves and spins. You’re welcome to do it bare foot or wear heels! 

You will learn a mini routine to show off to your friends and family at the end of the term.

Intermediate 1 - 

Congratulations! You've now graduated beginners and in intermediate 1 you will spend lots of time going upside down and climbing the pole. Your pole dancing is starting to get more refined, as you learn harder moves and different hand grips to start strengthening your core and you'll learn how to dismount the pole with grace and fluidity!

Intermediate 2 - 

Things are getting a bit trickier and you’re now learning slightly more complex moves.
We will be focusing on combining moves, doing lots of leg hangs, handstands and spending more time upside down. 
You'll start to notice changes in your muscles and strength and start nailing moves and tricks with a little more ease now!

Intermediate 3 - 

You’re pretty addicted by now! You’re spending most of the class up the pole and doing harder, more impressive combos. Building more core and arm strength plus combining it with flexibility will mean more acrobatic moves!
Get ready to test your shoulder, arm and core strength in some seriously awesome, gravity defying movements!

Prep Advanced - 

By this level we probably see you at least twice a week. Not only will you be learning more advanced tricks and spins, but we will work on all the important moves and ensuring you're nice and strong to make sure your ready for the next level.
We'll spend the first 4 weeks playing on static pole and the last 4 weeks on spin! We'll also spend time conditioning your body to ensure you feel confident, bendy and strong enough to learn some advanced movements! We recommend jumping into 2 courses per week. 

Advanced 1 - 

Time to learn the famous and impressive handspring! Drops, holds, splits and combos will have you pole dancing like a pro.
We kick off the first 4 weeks of term on static pole, then move onto spin in the last 4 weeks.We will also be pushing you hard to build your strength and flexibility to keep improving your skills, but not without lots of laughs along the way! Get ready to take your training to the next level. 

Advanced 2 - 

We can’t get you off the pole, you basically live at the studio! 
We're continuing static pole for the first 4 weeks (and we bet you LOVE it by now!) and will finish off the term with 4 weeks on spin pole.
It's time to toughen up all the soft spots by learning a range of elbow grips and advanced holds and hangs. We're really working hard on your opposite side to balance out your strength and taking your combinations and stamina to the next level!

Advanced 3 - 

By this level we will be encouraging you to start creating your own solos. This class is an intense workout with lots of complex pole skills and aerial combos. Building your strength, core and flexibility is top of our list!
We continue as per usual with 4 weeks of static and 4 weeks of spin and by now you're consistently nailing all varieties of handsprings, you have the stamina to push through complex combinations and have contemplating performing or competing at this level. 

Elite - By Invitation Only 

This 1.5 hour class is for the seriously addicted, your entire life is pole dancing! 
You're either competing and performing (or being encouraged to!) and now increasing your strength, flexibility, dynamics and ability to compose complicated combos together with ease! 

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