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Layla began pole dancing in 2012 looking for a new hobby. As a previous dancer and gymnast, she was always looking for a way to keep up fitness in a regime that was actually enjoyable. It didn’t take long before she was participating in several classes a week and six months after she began, she started teaching beginners. Layla moved to Studio Pole 3 years ago when she began competing and has since had several successes in the amateur circuit.


Some of her titles include:

- NSW Pole Championships 2017 Professional Finalist

- Sponsors Choice Hardcore Pole Dancing Championships 2017 

- NSW Pole Championships 2015 Amateur Finalist

- Australian Pole Championships 2015 Amateur Finalist

- Best Trickster at Hardcore Pole Dancing Championships 2015

- 1st Place Sefton Pole Competition 2014

- 2nd Place Coasties Pole Princess 2014

- Peoples Choice at Hardcore Pole Dancing Championships 2014  

Layla’s style bounces between strength and flexibility tricks, but one thing that remains constant is her fluid and flowy transitions. Her favourite thing about teaching is the constant support and excitement of the students in class to each other, particularly when they defeat their nemesis moves.

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